How Fitness Fanatics Can Make Best Use Of Blockchain Technology?

Did you know that even fitness enthusiasts these days can benefit from the blockchain? According to the IHRSA, the fitness and health industry in the US has been steadily growing by almost 4% throughout the past decade and the growth is not expected to slow down any time soon. One of the main reasons for this may be attributed to rising healthcare insurance expenses. Insurers and employers are trying to cut down costs by sponsoring programs for incentivizing healthy lifestyle.

So, if employers can prove that they are doing the needful to stay healthy, insurers are open to offering better health coverage. Besides, consumers today are making an effort to choose organic and natural foods which in turn has sparked off an even greater interest in fitness. Finally, the use of wearables that can give users personalized health statistics have all contributed to this rapidly-expanding industry.

How Can Blockchain Help Fitness Enthusiasts Lead A Healthier Lifestyle?

It has been seen that consumers prefer online services rather than spending at brick-and-mortar stores. Using the blockchain, such chances can be easily managed to benefit all stakeholders. For instance, a blockchain-based startup Step Chain is already using the blockchain to upgrade the health industry. It has come out with an app which rewards fitness fanatics every time they run, swim, cycle or walk. This innovative reward program encourages healthy lifestyle while allowing users to even earn crypto coins for their participation.

Blockchain ensures that the whole process is transparent; users can monitor their earnings and the system guarantees a healthy competition because users can also compare their activity levels with that of other community members. As fitness and health apps make their way into smartphones of almost everyone, it becomes rather difficult for any individual to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle without having access to such apps. The apps may enable us to track our exercise regimen and calories but not all have proper measures to protect user data. For instance, data that you may have shared with such an app or device can in turn be shared with third parties. Health data should be confidential and users need to look at the security measures adopted by these apps before using them. Try the new Quantum AI app which helps in achieving results that are not possible to achieve through classical computers. Step Chain is founded on a blockchain that is well-encrypted and provides privacy and security for every transaction. In this way, users can have complete access to their health data and Step Chain’s privacy policies ensure that the data cannot be sold to third parties.

With consumers opting for online fitness services rather than traditional gym memberships, blockchain-base platforms can streamline the shift by doing away with the middlemen. The blockchain can now connect a fitness enthusiast directly with a trainer through videos that can be downloaded via a public blockchain. The platform may use smart contracts offering fitness fanatics access to lessons and fitness tips from trainers once payments are done. Those who are into crypto trading can be stress free when they involve in automated trading. Go through this bitcoin loophole erfahrun review to learn more about automated trading apps.

So, to sum up, the fitness world can benefit hugely from the groundbreaking blockchain technology. With improved data privacy on the apps, users will have complete faith on platforms they communicate with. The blockchain guarantees transparent interactions between fitness fanatics and trainers minus intermediaries. Personal trainers, on their part, can upload content to this blockchain to allow individuals anywhere to follow their exercise routines. Success Life blockchain, for instance, lets content creator earn rewards as SL tokens; those holding these tokens can spend them to get exclusive access to educational content.